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a REAL plan

Reach new voters by equipping local parties to be out in our communities, meeting people where they live, work, and play. We will train every precinct chair to engage and participate in local events.  Invest in new technology to encourage citizens of all ages to engage and make their voices heard. Build strong messages of hope to remind all of us how much we stand to lose if we fail to send a unified voice. 

Engage citizens in local government by helping them understand our history and why building relationships with elected representatives, from precinct chairs all the way to the State House, is paramount to defending Texas and our freedoms.

Align our party by focusing on our principles and walking them out. Those who choose not to abide by those principles will be weeded out by voters who are aware of their failure to meet the standards we have agreed on as a party.

Lead! Texas has a duty to lead the nation. We have served as a bulwark of freedom since the days of the Republic of Texas. From the Anahuac Disturbances to the Battle of San Jacinto, Texians have never backed down from the call to liberty. Texas must assert its Tenth Amendment rights as enshrined in our Constitution and fight back against tyranny and federal overreach.

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